Shop to Stop Climate Change
Shop to Stop Climate Change



Be in the know

Shop from "envendors" knowing they are actually taking action on climate change

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Track your impact

Increased monthly savings mean decreased global climate change

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Climate loyalty

Discounts from your favorite stores just for using envend



Crazy easy

You and your smartphone solving global climate change


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Shop with a purpose

Choose which types of climate change adaptation projects envend will support


Access Anywhere

Available on all mobile devices, tablets, and the web

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Our Philosophy

Your dollar is your voice.

We're here to help you use it for good.

Do you really know if the businesses and stores you frequent are doing anything about their impact on the environment? Companies might say they care, but there is really no way to know for sure. When it comes to the environment, and especially climate change, there are few effective options for the average consumer to address global environmental issues.

Economic consumption powers the economy, but it also powers climate change.

Any solution to climate change has to include the businesses that utilize our natural resources and the consumers that demand their products.

That’s why we designed envend to engage both businesses and consumers in order to bring everyone to the table. What’s more is that our climate change mitigating projects are developed in energy poor regions of the world, ensuring your actions in the envend marketplace have a dual effect by helping people in need.

We don’t want you to stop shopping; we just want to reward you for climate loyalty.